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Importance of using Transistors

The discovery of transistors has represented the most important milestone in the field of electronic and science generally. As a result of the world war two age and discoveries, transistors have greatly replaced vacuum tubes by cutting across computers and even radio set. In the present day generation, transistors have taken over because they are capable of powering virtually everything to start the relaying information devices such as cell phones to even the fastest supercomputers that have been discovered take hold of the very benefits that transistors offer. The outlined below are some of the advantages of transistors.

One of the benefits of using transistors is the small size that comes with the devices. As much as vacuum tubes that are generated being small in size, embracement of technology has made it possible for transistors to be reduced to very tiny miniatures sizes. This technology that has made variation in size among vacuum tubes and transistors is the reason behind why computers have been changed from the very large room sized devices to the small desktop like features that are even more mobile nowadays though it has been a slower transformation from the previous stage to the present generation sizes. Transistors are just simple versions with a little more improvement that has been done after a period due to changes in technology hence capability of conversion to very small atoms. It is much crucial in the area of chip creation in computers, where lots of transistors are required to fit in a chip for good computing.

In addition to the smaller size possessed by a big number of transistors, another benefit offered by transistors is the light weight which most of them have s compared to vacuum tubes. Small sized devices make a perfect match for use in electronic device and scientific tools. Transistors produces much lesser heat hence more recommendable to be used because it has a low warming air wrap that will ensure a good number of transistor can be packed tight in the electronic devices not necessarily requiring a cooling mechanism but still able to function well.

Transistors are very beneficial in term of power consumption. Mostly little power is used in running it hence engineers’ preference of using transistors in battery powered equipment increasing the life span. Transistors are much more long-lasting as much they have a simple design that is metallically constructed. This enhances the life span because breaking up will be a hard and one doesn’t have to be extremely careful when handling them. This devices are very appropriate because they are capable of withstanding harsh climatic changes. Generally, small size, light weight, less consuming power and less heat emission are some of the few advantages that transistors possess which are very important in a linear system.

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