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How to Maintain Your Singing Bowls?

To guarantee that your bowl is always on top quality, then it is vital that you know how to maintain it. In order to do that, here are the things that you need to be aware of.

Cleaning – probably, you need to wipe your bowls every now and then by using a soft cloth to avoid dust accumulation. Singing bowls with caked dust is on its way to lose sparkle and in today’s time, dust might carry chemicals that can react with metal negatively. When you are cleaning and wiping the bowls, it’s ideal that you use white vinegar to be able to get rid of fingerprints present in the bowl.

Well the bottom line is, singing bowls have complex mixture of metals and they have to be cleaned often by rubbing it with cloth or more caustic element like sand. These singing bowls are delicate and tough at the same time and because of recent cleaning, some may possibly tarnish. Now if you like to remove the tarnish, you can find metal cleaners that are commercially available. Say for instance that the singing bowls are somewhat grungy, then it will be wise to use a dry coarse woven cloth.

Liquids – you might just wreck your bowl simply b y spraying soda on it. Metals in bowl will react negatively to the ingredients and this process will pit deeply to the bowl. In the event that your bowl gets wet, make sure to quickly dry it. Leaving it in water for any period of time is not advisable. If you are playing your bowls with water in them, better use distilled water and see to it that it’s dried completely to avoid water stains.

Transportation – one thing that you don’t want to happen to your singing bowls especially when moving it is to rub to each other. Therefore, if you’re visiting places and you bring the bowls with you, see to it that you have protected the sides from shocks. Cardboard boxes are totally fine but you have to protect the finish of your bowl as well. While using a cover cloth for wrapping the bowl is enough, you need to take into account that covering the inner lips or sides that curve should be done with extra care. At least leave few inches of space as it’s a lot easier to get the bowls fit to each other rather than coming apart.

In the event that you do have a singing bowl, then it is necessary that you know the proper way of caring and maintaining for it; through this you can preserve not only the bowl’s quality but also, its appearance.

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