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Alleviate Your Stress by Practicing Feng Shui

The orient in the old days were practicing feng shui which aims to balance the individuals with the environment with the use of some energy forces. With this practice there is supposedly a balance and harmony into the surroundings and home, which will in turn bring people’s lives balance and harmony. There may be questions in the Western civilization as to the effectivity of the technique to relieve stress, still many people in Chine find this technique as a great way to promote health to a person’s mind and body.

Feng shui, literarily means wind and water, although some may find the sound of the name like food. The symbols of wind and water have been long considered by the Chinese as that of good health and well-being. As in the concept of Reiki with chi means energy, the philosophy of feng shui also follows the same premise that everything contained chi.

To bring balance and harmony into your life and home, there are some guidelines that you can use to help you get started with feng shui.

Bringing in the outdoors to the indoors is your first guideline in practicing feng shui. A soothing and relaxing environment in a home is the key objective of feng shui, and this can be done by creating an open space, using of nature in harmony with the surroundings, and use of plants to give a relaxed, clean and healthy atmosphere.

The next thing to know about feng shui is that it recognizes colors to represent various moods. Examples of these colors are blue for the promotion of relaxation and harmonious environment, and another is red for the promotion and enhancement of chi or energy.
Another feng shui technique that you can practice in your home is the introduction of scents. This practice of feng shui called aromatherapy will serve to bring balance into your environment, and would be great to give you a relaxed and harmonious surroundings that will help lift your spirit and change the mood of the environment.

By rearranging your things like furniture or cabinets, will allow you to have a space that is free from clutter, thus giving an impact on creating a relaxed atmosphere, and this is another thing to learn and follow about feng shui.

As you note above, the practice of feng shui is all about your environment, where you can create the right atmosphere so that your stress will alleviated and there is a promotion of healthy body and mind.

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