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How to Select Amazon Headquarters

Moving the headquarters needs a lot of thinking and strategy. Whether it is within the same market or a move to a different market it is never easy to choose a company’s headquarter. Findind the best site is always very vital for any company. Understanding how the company works and its goals is very important in making site selection decisions. Amazon has created a great healthy competitions among cities. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company and arguably one of the largest publicly traded companies with over fifty thousand full-time employees. This is the main reason why any city will take it as a privilege to host Amazons’ headquarters. Thus a criteria would be needed to choose the best city for headquarter purpose.

Workforce would be our first factor. Since the headquarters is expected to create a lot of job opportunities, most staffs are expected to come from this city. The best headquarter location would be the site with a large population. Highly educated labor percentage is also required. Cities with talent shortage will not be considered. At the end of the day talent goes handily with labor education. Metropolitan cities with a good number of tech expertise would be considered.

Access to an international airport is also considered greatly. Amazon being a global company will require airport services. A a state without an international airport is not an option for Amazon. Inciting incentives may include free training resources, income tax credits and other factors. A company like Amazon that greatly deliveries are the only ones considered in the offers. A company that gives a lot of profit will be able to give more returns to the city even if it has these enticing offers.

Technology is the third factor that Amazon would consider Technology aides a great deal in narrowing down the options involved when picking the headquarters location. Large companies like Amazon now depend on technology because of how far it has come. The headquarter city should be able to make use of the technology in almost all ways. Technology use is broken down into three ways. Data use would be the very first category then analytics and the last being visualization.

The final factor would be cost of living. Amazon needs to attract a lot of full-time employees and also part-timers. Living the cost would determine how much employees should earn. It is always better when the cost of living is low has it would mean less expenditure and more profit for Amazon. Living cost incorporates everything from food to house rent. So Amazon would consider a city with low cost of living for their headquarters to increase their returns.

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